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QUALITY FLOORING 'N MORE specializes in the installation of various floor types as described below:


A pre-finished floor that already comes finished from the manufacturer. It comes in the color and species of your choice, thus no sanding or coating is required. Each piece has a beveled edge for a blended fit. Also, single pieces may be easily replaced if damaged.



Known for its hardness and durability (it’s most scratch resistant), laminate flooring is not real wood, but merely a photograph that is duplicated on every plank. It comes ready to install from the manufacturer in the color and style of your choice, thus no sanding or coating is required. The core of the product is typically made of High Density Fiber (HDF) and is generally the quickest to install and the most affordable option. It simply clicks together over a pad underlayment.


A floor that is neither glued down or nailed down. Ideal over concrete or below grade installations. In this method, the individual boards attach to each other either by means of gluing (tongue and groove only) or clicking together but do not attach to the sub-floor or concrete, rather they are laid over a pad which allows the floor to move and expand to changes in humidity.


Ideal for floors that cannot be nailed. Most commonly glued down to concrete that is on or above grade applications. It can also be glued to plywood if preferred.


Engineered hardwood has a real wood veneer layer on top (about 1/8”) and is constructed in multiple layers of cross-grain wood that are bonded together. The “engineered” product has been designed to provide greater stability, particularly where moisture poses a problem, thus greatly minimizing any expanding and contracting of the wood.


Raw, natural wood of your choice that is installed, sanded, and finished on site for a completely smooth and flat surface with no bevels as apposed to pre-finished wood with bevels. Unfinished wood typically takes twice as much time as a pre-finished floor, but has the benefits of choosing your own custom stain, finish, and sheen level (gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte).


QUALITY FLOORING 'N MORE also specializes in custom work such as Borders, Medallions, Feature Strips, Stairs, Hand Railing, Trim work & baseboard,

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