s-refinish Refinish

QUALITY FLOORING 'N MORE. specializes in restoring or repairing your damaged floor to look brand new again.



This process involves completely stripping down any finish, wax, stain, etc., to the raw state of the wood using heavy duty state-of-the-art sanding equipment.
A matching wood filler is then applied to fill any gaps, cracks, or nail holes.
After meticulous sanding, you may then choose a stain of your choice or keep the natural color of the wood. 
The last step involves applying several coats of durableand protective finish to your desired sheen level (gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte).

P-Refinish-and-Repair-Sand P-Refinish-and-Repair-Edger-Vacuum P-Refinish-and-Repair-fix-damage-edger

checkmarkBUFF & RE-COAT

This process involves a thorough buff (screening) to take away any surface wear and scratches. It also ensures the best possible adhesion of the additional finish coat that is applied.